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Our Prophet was the most generous of people. His friends would compare his generosity to a blowing wind. A fragrant wind that would pass every street stopping by each house and caressing everybody’s head one by one.Once a guy asks for the cardigan he was wearing. Our Prophet takes off his cardigan and gave it to him.Whereas he did not have any other cardigan to wear. He did not have any, but he could not say no. Another day, a poor man asked for one sheep. Our Prophet gave him many sheep. The man was so surprised that he converted to Islam by saying “Only a prophet can be this generous”.Then he went back to his village happily with his sheep and he told everyone “Do you know? I’m coming back from the most generous person in the world!”

Our Prophet was genial. Occasionally he would make jokes to his friends. His friends would be surprised and asked him “O the Messenger of Allah!Do you also make jokes?”. He would say “Yes!”.“I also make jokes, but I would never lie even as a joke!”Once a man came and said, “Put me on a camel!”.Our Prophet replied him “I will put you on a baby camel!”.The man was surprised! “Can you ride a baby camel?”Our Prophet smiled and replied “Aren’t all camels once a baby?”“Oh! I get it!” said the man. It was a joke! Our Prophet made a joke.Everyone laughed at this joke.Maybe, even the angels laughed.

Our Dear Prophet, Was so forgivingThat he was the most forgiving of people. No one could compete with him in forgiving. During his first years as a Prophet, He wanted to go to the city of Taif To explain Islam to them. But people of Taif mistreated him. They laughed and screamed at him. They mocked him. They threw stones at him and then kicked him out of the city Our Prophet was sad. Extremely sad. But he did not get angry and forgave them all.On top of it, he prayed for them. What happened later? Allah accepted the prayers of our Prophet.And the people of Taif became Muslim.

Do you know what justice is? It means to be fair to everyone. If you act with justice, you will be called JUST. Our Dear Prophet,Would treat everyone fairly Regardless of age. He would treat everyone fairly and would order justice. It was nighttime. Our Prophet’s grandchildren, Hasan and Husain were sleeping.Our Prophet loved them dearly. For a moment Hasan woke up and asked for water. Because he was so thirsty. Our Prophet stood up and brought him a glass of water. During that time Husain woke up too. Because he was also thirsty. But our Prophet gave Hasan water first. When our Fatma Anne saw this, she said “You must love Hasan more”.“No! But he asked for water first” replied our Prophet. Whoever asks first has the priority of drinking.Our Prophet would not treat anyone unfairly.

Our Prophet was so compassionate that He would wipe the tears of a tired camel Demanding “Do not overload them!”. He would caress the head of an orphan whenever he saw them.He would caress children.He would play games with them and make little jokes. Children’s favorite place was our Prophet’s masjid. He would never get angry at them. One day, Usama bin Zeyd fell. He was hurt and his face was bleeding. Our Prophet loved Usama dearly. He was one of his favorite children. He ran quickly, lifted him upAnd washed his face. Embraced and hugged him.And Usama’s pain vanished suddenlyafter our Prophet kissed him.

Do you know what tolerance is?
It means to forgive quicklyAnd to neglect little mistakes and not to get angry.Our Prophet was tolerant with everyone.But he was most tolerant with children.Enes knows it the best Because he served our Prophet for 10 years. Our Prophet did not ask him the reason of not completing a task not even for once He never got angry nor scolded at him.One day he sent Enes to somewhere. But Enes saw his friends on the way and started to play games with them. After a while, he felt the soft cold hand on his neck. Oops! That was the hand of the Prophet. But he was not angry at all. He was instead smiling. “Did you go to the place that I asked you to?” said the Prophet. “I’m going right now!” said Enes.That’s him, he was always like that! He was the most tolerant and kindhearted of people.

Do you know what Amin means?It means someone reliable.Who does not lie even if it’s a joke,Who does not deceive anyone and Always keeps his promise.
Everyone would call him Amin evenBefore our Prophet became the Prophet.
When they were leaving, they would entrustTheir valuables to him.They would not trust anyone but him.One day it rained a lot in MeccaAnd the walls of Kaaba were damaged.The people of Mecca repaired it well.Then came the turn to place the Black Stone.It was a very important task.But who would do this important task? They could not decide.They almost got into fight over this decision.They said, “Let’s choose a referee among us and let’s do whatever he says!”.But who will be the referee?They looked and saw our Prophet coming from a distance.“Alright!” said the Meccans.They said “The one coming is the most reliable among us! He should be the referee!”Our Prophet gave them a very good idea.And the Black Stone was placed without any quarrel.

Isn’t helping people wonderful?Our Prophet was very helpful.He would give water to the thirsty with his own hands, feed the hungry,And give clothes to people who did not have any.He would not stand on the side when something needs to get doneHe would also work and try like everyone else.He once went on a trip with his friends.When everyone got very hungry, they decided to cook.Someone stood and volunteered to slaughter the sheep And the Prophet volunteered to cook it. He knew to cook very well. The task of picking woods remained. Our Prophet also volunteered to pick woods saying that he can carry them on his back. But his friends could not let this happen. Because he was the messenger of Allah And they loved him dearly. They asked him to sit under the shade and wanted to do the work themselves. But our Prophet did not accept. He said, “I cannot sit while everyone else is working!”. He started to pick woods to help his friends. He was not burden to anyone and helped everyone.

Our dear Prophet was very patient with people. He would not get angry at nor get tired of anyone easily. People would surround him asking him questions constantly. Our Prophet would listen to them patiently and responded them one by one. Some pulled his cardigan, Some would pull off the collar of his shirt so much that it would hurt him. But he was always patient. He would stand under the sun for hours listening to people. He would not get tired nor frown. And would never say “Enough!”. His friends would feel sorry for him. One day a man from the desert Did something very shameful in the masjid of our Prophet. Companions almost beat him. But our Prophet said, “Do not touch him!”. “I was not sent to condemn those who made mistakes. I was sent to show them good and beautiful.”