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Ali Ibn Abi Talib

He is the cousin of the Prophet and His son-in law. He is also the fourth caliph. He became a Muslim as a child and he grew up next to the Prophet under his discipline. There are hundreds of hadiths narrated from Hz Ali. He owns a double-bladed sword called “Zulfiqar” which was a gift from the Prophet. He is known for his courage as well as his closeness to the Prophet. He is one of the companions who were promised paradise.

Zayd ibn Harithah

He was a freed slave of the beloved Prophet. He was born in Yemen. He was the fourth believer following Khadijah, Abu Bakr and Ali and the first believer among freed slaves. Zayd ibn Harithah loved Him more than his parents because of the way Prophet treated him and as a result he did not want to leave His side. The Prophet wedded Zayd to Umm Ayman in Mecca. Usama was born to this family. Among the companions, Zayd ibn Harithah was the only one who was mentioned in the Quran. This was a great honor for him. Zayd was martyred in Damascus during the battle of Mute.

Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas

Being one of the prominent companions, he is one of the 10 companions who were promised paradise during his lifetime. He was one of the first believers. His mother was deplored after hearing her son converted to Islam and she sought many ways to convert him back. Despite being so fond of his mother, he did not give up on his faith.

Anas ibn Malik

People of Medina were very excited and happy when the Prophet migrated to Madinah. Children were running around and wanted to give the news of His arrival to everyone. Among the children was an adorable 8 year old boy called Anas!

Anas’ mother who converted in the first Pledge of al-Aqaba presented Anas as a servant to the Prophet. Anas and the Prophet were together until His death. Anas loved the Prophet so much that he enjoyed serving him. The prophet kept praying and giving gifts to him. It was told that the Prophet never asked him “Why did you do this way?” nor “why did not you do this way” during his 10-year of service. Anas participated in every battle along with the prophet. He was only 12 when he participated in the battle of Badr. Anas is the third among the companions who narrated the most hadiths.

A’ishah bint Abi Bakr

Aisha is the daughter of Abu Bakr and the Prophet’s wife. As indicated in the Quran, she is the mother of believers. She was a well behaved, devout and sharp companion. She learned to read and write at a very young age and narrated many hadiths. Praised by the ayahs Aisha was trusted by the companions for her character and her memory thus was consulted on many topics.

Zayd ibn Thabit

He was one of the scribes of the divine revelation. He knew Quran by heart and recited beautifully. He also had a skill in writing. The Prophet was very pleased with him. One day, He told him “Oh Zayd! Learn the Jewish writing for me, because I cannot be sure of the things, I say of them”. Upon this, Zayd learned Hebrew very rapidly and acted as the Prophet’s interpreter. He had an outstanding talent for languages, it is said that on top of Hebrew he knew Greek, Abyssinian, Syriac, the language of the Egyptians.