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Qasim ibn Muhammad

Prophet’s first child born to Khadijah. As a result, he was called Ebu’l Qasim (Father of Kasım). He enjoyed being called by that name. Companions also called him by that name. Qasim only lived for 2 years. He passed away in Mecca and was the first among his children to pass away.

Zainab bint Muhammad

Zainab was the oldest daughter among the Prophet’s for daughters. The Prophet was 30 years old when Zainab was born in Mecca. She passed away at the age of 30 in Medina 8 years after the hejira.

Ruqayyah bint Muhammad

Ruqayyah was the second daughter of the Prophet. The Prophet was 33 years old when she was born. Ruqayyah married to Uthman and joined the first group emigrating to Abyssinia. She was the first to pass away among His daughters and she was only 22 years old.

Ummu Kulthum bint Muhammad

Ummu Kulthum was the third daughter of the Prophet. She was born before Islam and is the daughter of Khadijah. She was given the name of Ummu Kulthum because she was a beautiful baby. She and her older sister Ruqayyah were like twins. She was among the first believers among the companions. She passed away due to an illness 9 years after the hejira.

Fatimah bint Muhammad

Fatimah was the Prophet’s last daughter and was born a year before Islam. Fatimah means “weanling”. Only this daughter passed away after the Prophet. Fatimah was married to Ali and was the mother of Hasan and Husayn. The Prophet’s lineage continued through Fatimah.

Abdullah ibn Muhammad

The other son born to Khadijah in Mecca. Only lived for 3 months and was called “Tayyip and Tahir” because he was born in the period of Islam.

Ibrahim ibn Muhammad

He was the Prophet’s last and the youngest child. He was born 8 year after the hejira and the Prophet was rejoiced, gave a feast and made the poor happy. Ibrahim passed away at the age of 1.5 due to an illness.