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Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (ra)

He was only few years younger than our prophet. They were childhood friends and their friendship lasted for a lifetime. He was one of the first believers and was given the nickname of “As-Siddiq” due to his loyalty in the face of Mir’aj. He accompanied the Prophet during His crossing from Mecca to Madinah. During the journey he plugged the snake burrows with his clothes fearing that Prophet might get hurt, however, he had to close the very last hole with his barefoot and got bitten by the snake. Yet he kept quiet to not wake Him up who was sleeping on his knees. Abu Bakr As-Siddiq is one of the companions who were promised paradise during Prophet’s lifetime. He became the caliph following the Prophet’s death.





Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Influenced by his sister and brother-in-law’s recitation of Quran, he became a Muslim. He was always by the Prophet’s side with an effort to protect Him. While Muslims were migrating from Mecca to Madina in great secrecy, he did not feel the need to hide and went to Madinah with his 20 friends. He became the caliph following Abu Bakr’s death. He attached great importance to the execution of justice, and he ruled with justice without any discrimination between people. He is one of the companions who were promised paradise.




Uthman ibn Affan

It was his close friend Abu Bakr who introduced Uthman to Islam. He is extremely modest. He is one of the Companions who served Islam most with his wealth. Our Prophet talked of him saying “O Allah! I’m pleased with Uthman! May you bless him!”. He got married to one of the Prophet’s daughters, Ruqiyiah, and after her death he wedded to Umm Kulthum who is also the daughter of the Prophet. As a result, he was given the name of “the possessor of two lights”. He became the caliph following Umar’s death. During his time, Islam expanded rapidly in the surrounding regions. He also printed Quran and sent it to other countries. He is one of the Companions who were promised paradise.




Ali Ibn Abi Talib

He is the cousin of the Prophet and His son-in law. He is also the fourth caliph. He became a Muslim as a child and he grew up next to the Prophet under his discipline. There are hundreds of hadiths narrated from Hz Ali. He owns a double-bladed sword called “Zulfiqar” which was a gift from the Prophet. He is known for his courage as well as his closeness to the Prophet. He is one of the companions who were promised paradise.




'Abd al-Rahman ibn-Awf

He was a Companion who was well known for his generosity. He participated in many battles and he financially supported the believers during the hard times. He was one of the companions who were promised paradise. Also, he is the first ever imam to lead a salat in the presence of the Prophet.





Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah

As much as he was known for his heroism, he was given the nickname of “The Custodian of Ummah”. Prophet described him as “Every ummah has its custodian, Ebu Ubeyde b. Cerrah is the custodian of this ummah”. Like many other companions, he led a modest life. He is one of the companions who promised paradise.




Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas

Being one of the prominent companions, he is one of the 10 companions who were promised paradise during his lifetime. He was one of the first believers. His mother was deplored after hearing her son converted to Islam and she sought many ways to convert him back. Despite being so fond of his mother, he did not give up on his faith.




Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid is the Prophet’s first wife. The Prophet was terrified after the first revelation whereas Khadijah bint Khuwaylid supported Him by believing Him wholeheartedly. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was the first believer and the first person to pray salat with the Prophet. She was always by His side during the hardest times and donated her entire wealth to strengthen Islam. She was praised by Him and was greeted by Allah.  





A’ishah bint Abi Bakr

Aisha is the daughter of Abu Bakr and the Prophet’s wife. As indicated in the Quran, she is the mother of believers. She was a well behaved, devout and sharp companion. She learned to read and write at a very young age and narrated many hadiths. Praised by the ayahs Aisha was trusted by the companions for her character and her memory thus was consulted on many topics.





Bilal ibn Rabah

He was one of the first believers and thus had to handle many difficulties. He became the first mu’azzin chosen by the Prophet himself for his voice. After the conquest of Mecca he called people to prayer for the first time on top of Ka’aba.





Abu Hurairah

He loved to play with his little cat during his childhood and he used to play with kittens by placing them on the skirt of his dress. As a result, he got the nickname of Abu Hurairah meaning “Father of a kitten”.  Abu Hurairah liked humor and to make people think through his witty comments. One of his best traits is the respect he shows to his mother. Due to his strong memory he narrated many hadiths from the Prophet.





Fatimah bint Muhammad

She is the beloved youngest daughter of the Prophet. Raised by the Prophet himself, her morals and behavior were very much in line with His. Her talking manners and walking style were also very similar to the Prophet’s. Our Prophet was delighted when he saw Fatimah, greeting her by standing up and kissing her cheeks while holding her hand. He made sure that she sat next to Him. When her father came to visit her, she greeted him likewise. Fatimah was married to Ali. She was the precious mother of Hasan and Husayn- dearest grandchildren of the Prophet.




Mus’ab ibn Umayr

Mus’ab was a member of a wealthy noble family of Mecca and was raised in welfare and prosperity. He was admired by everyone due to his smart, clever and articulate speech. He felt miserable despite his wealth leading him to convert to Islam during his visit to the Prophet at the house of Arqam. His family used every mean possible to make him give up on his faith. Instead, Mus’ab left his family and wealth and migrated to Abyssinia. During the first Pledge of al-Aqaba, people of Madinah asked for someone to teach them Islam and the Prophet assigned him as the teacher. Many people in Madinah learned Islam thanks to his efforts. After the battle of Badr he became to known as “Flag-bearer of Rasullullah” since he was carrying the flag of Islam.  





Talha ibn Ubaydullah

Hz. Talha is one of the companions who were promised paradise. He converted to Islam at the invitation of Hz Ebubekir. He is one of the wealthy companions. He is generous as much as he is wealthy. He was given the nickname of “al fayadh” due to his generosity.





Zayd ibn Thabit

He was one of the scribes of the divine revelation. He knew Quran by heart and recited beautifully. He also had a skill in writing. The Prophet was very pleased with him. One day, He told him “Oh Zayd! Learn the Jewish writing for me, because I cannot be sure of the things, I say of them”. Upon this, Zayd learned Hebrew very rapidly and acted as the Prophet’s interpreter. He had an outstanding talent for languages, it is said that on top of Hebrew he knew Greek, Abyssinian, Syriac, the language of the Egyptians.




Zubayr ibn al-Awam

Zubayr ibn al-Awam was known for his bravery and heroism. He was a very close friend of the Prophet as well as his helper. He had a horse called “Yasub” which he loved dearly. The Prophet said of him “Every prophet had an assistant and mine is Zübeyr”. He was very well-behaved and kind. He protected very well what was entrusted to him.