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“When feeling surprised at something, he would turn his palm. While talking, he would combine his left thumb and his right hand’s palm.” Hasan 

“Most of the time, He was sadly preoccupied. He was always very pensive. He was never in comfort.” - Hasan

“He got only furious in the face of injustice; He would not stop feeling furious until the injustice was removed.” - Hasan

“While talking, he often stared at the sky.” - İbn Selam

“He remained silent more than he talked. He did not speak if not needed. He began talking in the name of Allah and ended his words in the name of Allah. The number of words he used was optimal it was neither excess nor scarce. He spoke very clearly.” - Hasan

“He spoke slowly. People would quickly memorize the things He said while listening to him. His drawl would not bother anyone.” – Aisha

“He would strongly lift his foot off the ground while walking. He would never drag his foot. He walked leaning forward as if he was climbing down from a hill.” - Ali

“We used to get tired while walking with Him, but he never minded and did not get tired.” - Abu Hurairah

“When he was going to sleep, he would put the palm of his right hand under his right cheek.” - Bera b. Azib

“When he wanted to look at someone or something, he would not only turn with his head but with his whole body.” - Ali

“When pointing he would not use his finger but his hand.” - Hasan

“When someone greeted him and took his hand, He would not let go of His hand unless the man let go of his hand first. He would not turn His face away from him until the man turned away.”

– Anas ibn Malik