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“The glow of his face was like the moon’s.” -Bera b. Azib

“He was not fat and he had a sweet round face. The color of his skin was white mixed with red.” -Ali

“He had long eyes.” -Ali

“He was not tall nor short.” -Anas ibn Malik

“His teeth shone like the lightning strike when He smiled.” -Ali

“His hair was neither curly nor straight, it was wavy.” -Anas ibn Malik

“When His hair was long, it crossed His earlobes reaching up to His shoulders.” -Aisha

“I saw the seal of the Prophet between His two shoulders. It was a red mole with the size of a dove egg.” -Cabir b. Semure

“The seal of the Prophet was on His back like a fluffy rosebud.” -Ebu Said El Hudri

“The prophet used to wear His ring on His right hand.” -Ali

“The Prophet’s favorite clothes was a green cardigan from Yemen. The Prophet liked the color green very much.” -Anas ibn Malik

“The person who talks about Him: “I’ve never seen anyone like him before nor did I see anyone like him after.” -Ali

“I saw the Prophet on a moonlit night. I first looked at his face and I turned and looked at the moon. By Allah, His face was more beautiful than the moon.” -Cabir b. Semure

“His sacred palms were softer than the silk.” -Ali

“Whoever shook hands with the Prophet could sense the pleasant smell of his hand throughout the day.” -Anas ibn Malik

“I never touched neither satin nor silk softer than the hand of the Prophet. I did not smell a more pleasant scent than his.” -Anas ibn Malik

“If he caressed a child’s head, that child could be easily found among the other children from the fresh clean smell of his head.” -Anas ibn Malik

“If He passed the roads of Madinah, everywhere was filled with the smell of musk. It was easily understood that the Messenger of Allah passed from here.” –Anas ibn Malik

“The seal of the Prophet was between his two shoulders.” -Ali

“We did not see anyone like Him! Such a beautiful face, such clean clothes, such nice words! His mouth was shining as He was speaking.” said my mother and my aunt as we were returning from our first visit to the Prophet.” -Abdullah b. Abbas