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Our prophet stated that the barakat of the food is washing hands before eating and washing hands and mouth after eating. What do you think takin the Prophet’s behavior as an example by washing your hands before and after eating your meal? Do you forget to say Bismillah before starting your meal?

It is much better eating with your family than eating on your own. Also, the Prophet stated that the food eaten together with the family becomes much more abundant. You should finish your plate and not waste even a single bite so make sure to fill your plate accordingly. It would be unfair to our sisters and brothers who are hungry and cannot find food around the world. Are you complaining and not eating your food? Whereas Allah has created each different type of food for us? The color, shape and smell of each one is unique. Great work! You finished your food…

Let’s now thank Allah by saying “Alhamdullilah” and let’s pray for the rest of our brothers and sisters so that they are also well fed!