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 Is not the Hajj one of the five pillars of Islam? If you have been to the holy land, you have seen it too. It is as if all the people around the world is there! Male, female, young, old, children! Children of all color run around. No matter what language they speak, their goal is to gain Allah’s rida. The Hajj is a great representation that all people are equal in the sight of Allah.

Those who are physically and mentally healthy have the priority for Hajj. After Hajjis make their intentions, they say “Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk” which means “I am at Your service, O Allah, I am at Your service. You have no partner. I am at Your service. Praise and blessing belong to You, and the Kingdom. You have no partner”. After, they spend the eve of Eid at the Arafat.

They circumambulate the Kaba for seven times starting from the Black Stone. Just as the wife of Abraham Hagar ran between the hills of Al-Safa and Al-Marwah for seven times, the hajjis trots between these hills. In the area called “Mina”, hajjis complete the duty of the symbolic stoning of the Devil and animals are slaughtered to commemorate the story of Ibrahim and Ismael. Hajj has great significance like all other prayers for those who think. All prayers and rituals performed at Hajj remind us Adam, Ibrahim and our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).