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If you want the Prophet to be aware of you, you must send your Salawats (blessings) to him. It is the easiest way to be next to the Prophet and salute him. There are angels all around the globe with the task of delivering each Salawats and salutations to the Prophet. It does not matter whether this person is at the North Pole, equator, dessert, sea or the seashore. You can send your blessings (salawat) simply anywhere anytime- whether you are in bed, class, mosque, park, walking on the road.

The Meaning of Salawat

Sending Salawats to the Prophet whose only concern is the salvation of ummah, is to pray for him to Allah. To send blessings to our Prophet by reciting statements as “Sallahu aleyhi ve sellem” and “Aleyhisselatü vesselam” whenever we hear his name is a duty of each Muslim. In other times, to send Salawats to him is another way to form a bond of love and to introduce yourself to him. It is a way of greeting just as his friends greeted him.